Termite Control – Termite Treatment

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Termite Control – Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment
SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE Subterranean Termites:
General Information-

Termites are social insects with a highly organized castle system.
Subterranean termites usually live outside the home in underground nests.
Subterranean termites use moisture in the earth to survive.
Since Subterranean termites also need cellulose, they often tunnel into nearby homes to get it.
Some other termites (like Drywood and Formosan) don’t need contact with the earth to survive.
The presence of termites may not be readily noticed because the activity is hidden behind wallboards or wood trim.
Termites live in every state except Alaska.
A termite colony has three forms or castles: reproductive’s, workers, and soldiers
Subterranean swarmers are seen as they are sent out from a colony to mate and start a new colony. Their bodies are coal black to pale yellow-brown. The wings, if attached, will be pale or smoky gray to brown and have distinct vein patterns.
Subterranean termite workers make up the largest population and do all the work. They are wingless and are a white to a creamy color. They forage for food, feed the other castles, groom the queen, and maintain and build tunnels and shelter tubes.
Soldiers resemble workers in color and general appearance, except they have well-developed brownish heads with strong mandibles or jaws. They defend the colony against invaders.
After 2-4 years a colony is mature and produces swarmers. Swarmers may be seen in Texas between January and May.
Signs of an infestation can be difficult to detect. Swarmers, mud tubes, and damaged wood are ways to determine an infestation. Here are some ways to determine infestation:
Small holes in wood.
Mud tunnels or tubes that run along the foundation.
Damage to the drywall surface.
Swarming termites outside the home or inside the home.
Dead swarmers and wings.
Soft, “squishy” feeling in floors, baseboards, walls, or ceilings.

Electricians At Your Service

When It’s About Electricity We Are The Authority

Our electricians can handle your entire home electrical requirement. We all need electricity. Without our lives would be very uncomfortable. I can’t imagine what it would be in a house without power. It would be very dark, very cold in winter and so hot in summer. Having electricity in your home is really convenient. Your house is well illuminated, you can watch TV, and you have your fridge and all the other appliances working for you.electricians

Is it enough to have electricity in your home? Most of us think it is. AS long as everything is running smoothly, that’s it. No need to repair what’s not broken.

This is not the case with electricity. The wires, connections, and other parts should be checked regularly. A simple maintenance inspection will suffice. You can call us for a free evaluation inspection. We’ve done this already and most of the houses didn’t have any problems with their setup. A few had very minor issues.

Sometimes we need to add more connections in our home. You may have a new patio cover or you want your garden to look nice in the evening, we can easily do that for you. How about your garage, do you want it to light up automatically when the door opens up? You may want to put up a surveillance camera inside your home or a motion alarm?

There’s so much we can do to make your home not only comfortable and convenient but also a beautiful place to live. We can also make it a safe and secure place whether you are in there or out somewhere.

There are so many uses of electricity and we can help you enjoy all of it. Our expert electricians can do anything for you. Nothing is impossible with them. You will marvel at their skill and resourcefulness. We have performed every kind of electrical job and our customers are always happy with the results.

We have also assisted in several home renovation projects. There are instances that when lighting fixtures, wiring, and switches need to be turned off or transferred. It’s advisable that only licensed electricians should do these to make them legal. Building inspectors are very particular about who changed the wiring. Save yourself from difficulties in approving your project. Call us and we will certify the entire electrical job that we did.residential electricians

There are times that you’re tired and you can’t stand too much glare from your bulbs or chandeliers, how about some silhouette lighting. This is a lighting type that’ll make your surrounding flooded with soft lights. You can still see very well while lying on the couch listening to soft music and enjoying your cold drink. You can close your eyes for a few minutes while waiting for dinner to be served. You don’t have to squint or cover your eyes when it’s time for you to head to the table.

Give us a call today. There’s no job that’s too big or too small for us to handle.

You Own A Car You Need To Have Car Insurance

The vehicle you own requires auto insurance so that, in case of any unforeseen events, you are financially protected. The final price for your premium depends on several factors: vehicle type, year model, state regulation, your driving record, and other variables.

The price you get for your rate will depend a lot on whether or not you know which questions you ought to ask the insurance company during your first meeting.car insurance

For example, you should ask if the insurance company is offering discounts on their premiums if you have had no accidents recorded within the past three years. Apart from this question the steps below can ensure you get an auto insurance rate that is more affordable to you and your family’s budget.

1. The first thing you must do is to shop around in your local area in order to compare the lowest auto rates. The rates for vehicle insurance can depend on quite a lot from one company to another, therefore it is advisable to get a minimum of three quotes from companies that are financially stable. Though big and reputed insurance companies are considered to have better rates and more competitive offers, local companies can be just as good, provided you take your time and shop for the best deal.

2. The second step towards obtaining a lower insurance rate is to request from the insurance company higher deductibles. By getting higher deductibles you will automatically obtain lower rate costs. According to data given by the Institute of Insurance Information if you choose to increase your deductible threshold from $200 up to $500 you have a high chance of making your comprehensive and collision rate coverage decrease from 15 to 30 percent.

3. Remember that it is essential to maintain good credit. Most insurance companies will verify your credit state and according to what they find, they can lower or drastically increase your auto rate. The key is to maintain a stable credit record so that the insurers consider you to be a low accident risk.

4. Do not forget to ask the insurance company about the discounts they offer. Depending on your age, your place of living, and where you work, you can get discounts. Also, if you attend driving courses or your car is equipped with airbags and anti-theft devices you can get additional discounts.

5. If you have older vehicles then it might be a good idea to drop their full coverage. You should determine first of all how much your car costs and then lower its coverage in order to get a better rate.

6. Compare auto insurance quotes before you purchase a car. It is cheaper to assess how much you pay for your car’s insurance before you buy it than having to pay a higher rate after you have acquired it. Companies will take into consideration the type of vehicle you have, its price, its repair expenditure and its theft and safety risk.

7. Make sure to have your home and auto insurance from the same company, many insurance companies give high discounts on the rates if you buy several insurances from them.

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